Saturday, April 13, 2013

in this moment

As I write this I'm holding my little night owl who is happy to be awake with me while his siblings are snoozing in their beds. It has just gotten dark, there is a tiny sliver of a moon and I am munching on my new addiction: Trader Joe's lightly sweetened coconut strips. The heat of this past week has dissipated and it is a lovely spring night, comfortable and quiet (well, as quiet as it can get here in the city). There is a picture of our family that Mayumi drew on a Post-It note on my laptop. I have a boatload of photos to edit and blogging to catch up on, but I just wanted to take a moment and record what is happening at this exact moment. Not because it is extraordinary or special in any way, but it is like so many moments in my days and they too often slip away and are forgotten. I know I can't capture every moment and hold it forever, no matter how I long to. Sometimes I am painfully aware of how fleeting and fragmented life is - how quickly my children grow and seasons pass. I know that is how it should be and I am mostly okay with that... but sometimes I do really want to hold a moment and remember it forever. And that is okay too.