Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oishii: Peach cobbler

Mmm, peach season in Utah. We look forward to the local peaches every year.

We attempted this peach cobbler twice (okay, my husband attempted this twice--but I helped peel the peaches!) and found that with a few adjustments, you can have one yummy, down-home treat.

The first time he made it, it was stuffed into a little 2-quart dish and overflowed into our oven because the peaches were so juicy (luckily he had placed a baking sheet under the dish).

There also wasn't a lot of topping, so my overzealous husband tripled the crust the second time around. I would recommend doubling the topping for best results. He also used a 3-quart baking dish and dumped some of the peach juice before baking.

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