Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Year of the Dragon

Tomorrow is New Year's Day according to the Chinese calendar, and this is the Year of the Dragon!
What does that mean? Actually, determining the forecast of the year is a complicated process and is different for each person depending on their animal and element signs... but I'm grasping onto the idea of the auspicious dragon bringing a year of prosperity and overcoming of challenges!

In celebration and hopes of channeling some of that lucky dragon mojo, I've added this beauty to my To-Make list:
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MamaM said...

VERY cute, as are the dolls in the post above.

MamaD said...

I was listening on NPR that the year of the dragon is considered very lucky so there is expected to be a population boom in China with people planning their families around the auspicious time. I hope we can all have dragon babies too!