Tuesday, February 12, 2013

what's my favorite word?

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt" me is not really true is it? Words, like thoughts, are powerful things. Though I'm not very good with them (open mouth, insert foot) I like words. I like reading, writing, singing, talking, praying...

PapaQ likes to use positive words and phrases for his internet passwords. He figures that since he has to type them on a regular basis, he wants them to be uplifting reminders to help him get through his day. You know, because words shape your thoughts and attitudes.

The words you keep in your mind can reflect on the kind of person you are, don't you think? My dad sent me an article in Japan Today about a survey asking people in Japan what their favorite word is. Here are the top 10 results, complete with their English counterparts:

1. ありがとう arigato - thank you 
2. 努力 doryoku - exertion/great effort
3. 愛 ai - love 
4. 思いやり omoiyari - consideration
5. 前向き maemuki - looking forward
6. 一期一会 ichigo ichie - once in a lifetime opportunity 
7. 笑い・笑顔 warai/egao - laugh/smiling face
8. 健康 kenko - health
9. 平和 heiwa - peace 
10. なんとかなる nantoka ni naru - ”We’ll get by some way or other.” 
Isn't that amazing? I'm a big believer in our own power to shape our environment; being proactive as opposed to reactive. On gloomy, overcast days I remind myself that I can make my own sunshine. When the news is depressing (and it always is, isn't it?) I focus on trying to make my one little corner of the world a better place. And my favorite word in the English language? "Mama", preferably spoken by one of my sweet littles.
I'm tempted to apologize for my saccharine-ness, but since when should people be sorry for being positive? Life's too short to complain and hide under a rock, right? 
What's your favorite word?


christine said...

I love hearing "Hi Aunt 'Tine." When I talk to my nieces and nephews. :-)

Mark said...


Pomegranategrl said...

A beautiful post MamaQ. Picking one word would be so hard. But I think my favorite word is Happy.