Sunday, April 29, 2012

communication difficulties

In addition to general fatigue and nausea that accompanies the first trimester, I have another really good excuse for not blogging regularly. 
A certain pet rabbit that shall remain nameless chewed through our telephone and modem cords last week.

Finding replacement AC adaptors proved more difficult than one would imagine. Especially when one happens to be the kind of hoarder that saves all sorts of electronic cords and plugs and things that are all jumbled up in a box on the top shelf of the guest room closet, purposefully saved for times like these. 

And of the 6 AC adaptor cords that were in there, not a single one fit either the modem or the telephone. 
A quick call to the telephone maker, Uniden, revealed that they no longer carry spare accessories to our outdated model. A trip to Best Buy to purchase two different universal AC adaptors was only minimally helpful; we found one that worked for the modem, but alas, not for our phone. Which meant we went ahead and purchased a brand new telephone for our landline.

But now we are back online and in communique with the rest of the world. Let the blogging begin!

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Kumi said...

Oh my!! It's the same as my bunny!