Thursday, August 23, 2012

twin paraphernalia

I don't have any strong opinions (I know... GASP!) about twins wearing match-matchy clothes or having dual sets of anything. Obviously, there are some things we will need two of: carseats are first to come to mind, as well as high chairs (we love the Stokke Tripp Trapp and just inherited a second one from friends Naomi and Josh! Thanks guys!). I have a good friends with identical twin girls and she insists that there be two of everything for her girls to reduce confusion and arguing. The girls have identical toys and wear identical clothing and I can completely understand how that is easier.
When people find out I'm having twins, one of the first things they ask (after appropriately gushing about how cool it is that I'm having twins and then inquiring whether or not they are identical or fraternal) is whether or not I'm going to dress them in matching outfits. I'm always a bit surprised by this, because frankly I don't really care if they dress alike. I'm more concerned about how I'm going to soothe and feed two crying babies at once and how we're going to afford college for three kids and if it is possible to practice Elimination Communication with twins and if I'll be able to handle homeschooling... oh my, there is so much to worry about, isn't there?
But when it comes to dressing them, I'll just be happy to have clean clothes that fit.
Not there aren't some cute (sometimes bordering on obnoxious) stuff for twins out there:

Source: via Helene on Pinterest

Source: via Emily on Pinterest

my absolute favorite!!!
Goodness, companies sure know how to market to us mamas, don't they? Since our boys are fraternal it will be interesting to see how much they actually look alike. Will we end up with blonde, blue-eyed recessive babies (like Mayumi) or will they be darker? Will they be alike or like opposites? I suppose that somehow their clothes and toys will reflect that at some point. For now, I enjoy being amused by the stuff that is out there.
But for reals - do you have any opinions or suggestions about dressing and providing for twins? Matchy-matchy? Two sets of everything?


ginger said...

I think I would dress twins the same way I dress whatever clothes people give us...

I've been thinking about you and EC...specifically thinking that you could probably use a reminder to focus on the C portion of it. Whether you are having twins or a single 2nd, 3rd, 4th,, you are going to face competing needs. For me, with subsequent kids, pottying has dropped in priority (you know...if 1 and 2 are hitting eachother and 3 is getting into the knife drawer, baby may need to pee in his diaper). But the fact that I can't respond in the ideal way doesn't mean I can't communicate with baby. "Oh, you need to pee. Brother B is nursing right now and I'm reading Maya a book, but I will change your diaper/give you the potty as soon as I am able." When these boys arrive, you'll do your best to keep them dry and fed. They won't hold your tardiness in responding to them against you because your communication with them will establish trust and learning. I can't think of a better woman to mother twins than you Q.

Oh, and the relationships she forges and lessons Maya learns in family, caring for others and prioritizing needs of babies will run deeper and longer in her life than anything she might pick from a pre-K, K or 1st grade institutional curriculum. IMHO, of course. But I'm just saying that you're all going to be great.

Pomegranategrl said...

How ever you dress them, they are gonna be the cutest darn babies around!

Ye Stewart Clan said...

I'm with you Q. I'm happy when I've gotten my kids dressed in clean clothes that fit. And like Ginger, I *love* the thought of cute Maya helping you with these little people. One of the most pleasant surprises with Julie is her bond with Tennyson. I was not expecting that. I thought Julie and Tait would be closer. But Tennyson can do no wrong in her eyes and that is something that Tennyson really needed right now with all the changes happening around him.
It is so interesting to see the differences and similarities with each child. Julie looks so different from my boys and seems so much easier to please than my boys. But at the same time she has these mannerisms that totally remind me of her brothers. Each child is at once the same and completely different from the others. Sorry I have no twin advice. Sometimes I feel like I have twins because Tait and Julie are so close and I literally have to hold two crying babies at once, one on each hip. I can't imagine if they were exactly the same age. Sorry such a long post. I miss you guys. I miss everyone.