Sunday, December 9, 2012

merry moments

Advent devotionals and seasonal activities keep us busy, but mostly merry. This mama has promised herself that we will have a plan but will not be glued to it - there must be flexibility! Which is just as well since we've been battling colds and adjusting to life with twin infants. Quite frankly, sometimes things just don't happen the way I intended - the cookies I wanted to bake didn't happen, we never got out to go ice-skating that one day, and we still haven't hung up the bird seed ornaments outside. But it's been quite magical all the same, even if we're just hanging out around the Christmas tree, passing around the babies, eating cookies (homemade or not!) and telling jokes. Mayumi has been expanding her repertoire recently.

Like this one:
Knock knock!
Who's there?
Mary who?
Mary Christmas!

Ha! Get's me every time!


Kim said...

It does look Merry over there; how could it not be with those beautiful children of yours?!

My girls favorite joke is...

"What's under there?"

"Under wear?"

"Hahaha! You said Underwear!"

Jedidja said...

Great, great pics.