Tuesday, January 22, 2013

back on the mat

For Christmas PapaQ got me a ten pass to a local yoga studio. I've neglected my yoga practice for months now - I simple couldn't do it during the last half of my pregnancy and for the past three months I just haven't had the chance to get back into it. The truth is, I'd been avoiding it. I think I've been scared to step back on to the mat... scared of what my body would or wouldn't do, how it would feel, how I might "fail" to focus, hold a certain asana or open myself up in meditation.

But I went yesterday. I registered for a spot in a gentle yoga class. And yes, I was scared. But it also felt familiar and reassuringly comfortable to be in that sacred space. I liked the teacher; she expertly led us through the sequences and made adjustments to my body when it needed it. I was pleasantly surprised by how my body recognized the postures and flowed through them. I acknowledge that it will be a while before I have my strength and flexibility back, before my mind is able to be still in meditation, but it feels so good to return to this and to feel welcomed back; it's like coming home.

No doubt it will be challenging to fit in a regular yoga practice (or ANYTHING practice!) during this time and I think that is okay. I love this baby stage and I know it will go by quickly... too quickly. I'm determined to enjoy it and take my time with these little people. A regular yoga practice may be a while yet, but I'll take what I can get!


Kim said...

Oh my! Those adorable bald heads! Mine little one is balding too. Such a pair of handsome babies you have.

MamaM said...

Your boys are so handsome! It does feel good to get your body moving again, doesn't it? I signed up for crossfit almost a month ago, but have thus far only been able to make it two or three times a week for a host of reasons. It's a bit disheartening to not be right back to my former level of fitness, but I'm trying to be patient with the process--even if it means carrying around this spare tire for a little while longer!

Hailey said...

Those sweet faces!