Wednesday, January 9, 2013


 My mum has been here the past four weeks or so. More than just an extra pair of hands, she has been such a wonderful and appreciated addition to the family. We call her the baby whisperer because when Daddy's antics and Mama's milk don't do the trick, Baba can magically calm an unhappy baby and put him to sleep.
It's amazing.
The house is clean, the children happy, and everyone is well-fed. But besides that, there is just something about her presence that makes you want to be a better person, that makes you feel cared for, that is comforting and warm. And it has made it easier to enjoy the little moments with the little people.

She leaves tomorrow an oh! we will miss her so. Thank you Baba for making these weeks seem easy and sweet. Thank you for making my little people so happy!


Mark said...

I'm glad a chose the right girl. And that she eventually said Yes.

ginger said...

Love it.