Tuesday, January 19, 2010


By MamaQ

The next best thing to birthing a new baby is when your SISTER births a new baby!  MamaM is due today and we're all just waiting to get the phone call.  I have my plane tickets bought and am enjoying the delicious anticipation of meeting my new niece.  Getting to see my sisters, my mom (flying in from Japan), and MamaD's little one, Lucy, is added bonus.

As always, there is a scramble to pack and a few last-minute projects in the works; an auntie must always arrive bearing gifts!
trying to finish these dolls and their clothes.  faces would be nice, too.  and hair.
sweet stroller blanket with matching hat!
otedama (Japanese beanbags)

So excited to see these girls!

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eileen said...

have fun! i just love being together with my sisters and mom's. throw in your own babies and it is even more precious.

i love all your crafty gifts. i hope you add a little tutoral someday on how to make those fun bean bags!