Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Original Wabisabi Mama

Our mom is the original Wabisabi Mama. 

She met my dad while he was serving in military intelligence in Tokyo. After he proposed, they moved to the States to get married. She didn't know much English and got pregnant right away. Dad was in grad school and Mom was trying to get used to a new life in a new country. 

She had four kids (MamaQ, Wabisabi Brother, MamaM, MamaD) and raised us all in a suburb outside of Boston. She was a mom-extraordinaire. You know the type: cooked a vast array of meals, sewed our clothes (matching outfits, prom dresses, wedding gowns, you name it), maintained a massive organic vegetable and flower garden, worked part-time and was extremely active at church. And she did this all with her mom and sister thousands of miles away in Japan. There was no email back then, so they corresponded via postal service and she only got to visit them every two or three years when finances allowed.

Inspirational, right?

Because I only have one babe. And I am still trying to navigate my way through all those other things with half the grace and ability she had! It's a lot to live up to, but thankfully it has never been a contest and she's always been on my side. Now that she's living in Japan, I get a small feel for what she had to go through without the benefit of her family nearby... thank goodness for Skype! Trust me, though, while she's here visiting and helping MamaM with the new babe, we are enjoying every minute we have with our Wabisabi Mama. 

Maybe you were lucky enough to have a Wabisabi Mama of your own? Let us know why your mom is phenomenol and how she inspires you!


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jlc said...

I've been reading so many of your posts!! I found you through rockstar diaries and I find you so inspirational!

My hubby is Taiwanese and his mom did the same thing as yours.... starting a new life in the States with family far away...

I just LOVE how your baby turned out!! She is the perfect blend of you both and I really hope we have a baby half as gorgeous as yours!!