Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Things I LOVE About Summer

1. Being Outside
Despite the atrocious heat we're experiencing in our neck of the woods, I love the long days and access to nature.  Hikes, parks, bike rides, beach visits, working in the garden... I don't mind a little sweat as long as I can enjoy the fresh air!

2. The Food
Fresh fruit (I've devouring peaches and all sorts of berries right now), dinner cooked on the grill, ice-cream cones and lemonade... my stomach and my taste buds are so happy during this season.

3. Leisurely Naps
Admittedly, one thing I love about colder weather is that inclination to hibernate.  But there is something about summer that also invites taking it easy and finding time to rest and rejuvenate.  The hum of the ceiling fan, the feel of crisp, clean sheets, and a well-deserved nap after a long day in the sun.  Yum!

What do you love about this glorious season, my friends?

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