Saturday, July 10, 2010

Flying solo

I'm so excited that in a few weeks I get to go back to Beantown to visit family and friends. Not so excited that I will be making the five-hour direct flight with my six-month-old daughter.

I'm already a little stressed. How am I supposed to carry a baby, a car seat, a stroller, a travel crib, a diaper bag and luggage? What if she screams the entire flight and people give me nasty looks? Is the time difference going to ruin her schedule forever?

Whatever the outcome, I'm determined to travel with this infant and take a little vacation just like I did before she was here. But I could really use some tips on how to make this successful. Anybody?


Kendra said...

Are you all coming to the family reunion?

MamaM said...

Yes! We'll all be there. So excited. I think it's seriously been a decade since I've been. Looking forward to seeing you there :)

ginger said...

How to carry
baby - onbu, you don't have to take her off at security.
car seat - check it, there is no charge
travel crib - Don't bother. Put her on a blanket on the floor. You can put some rolled up towels around the edges if you feel it is necessary.
stroller - don't bring it unless you are bringing the crib. In that case, put the crib in it (and car seat if you aren't checking it)
luggage - 1 wheeled bag should hold enough for both of you.
a diaper bag - hang it from the wheeled bag handle.

So, you check the car seat near where you are dropped off and then breeze through the airport with baby on your back pulling one wheely bag that has a diaper bag slung on its handle. No problem.

Kendra said...

Yay!! Cannot wait to see you! Safe travels!

Kumi said...

I completely agree with Ginger. Just bring the carseat. Bring only a few diapers. You may buy more at Methuen. I have an used stroller. Ask Chris, if he still keeps it.

eileen said...

i think ginger has it right with the packing. As for the flight, i'm always nervous. I'm taking one this week with my two little ones. (and on the way home i won't have my husband with me!) somehow you'll survive though.
luckily the plane has enough 'white noise' that it is pretty soothing to babies. plus enough people and new things for them to look at and explore that it keeps them happy for a while.
when she does get restless though, remember you can always stand and hold her at the back of the plane where the attendants fix the food. i've done that several times. it is a nice break for both of you, and you'll often get to chat with other patrons back there.
changing a diaper on the plane is not fun though. check for the 'changing table' that folds out right above the toilet. bring plenty of wipes, and clothes that are easy to change her in. oh, and an extra set of clothes for her just in case :)
oh, and everyone always suggests that you have her 'suck' on something during take off and landing, so either have her nurse or have a bottle/pacifier or whatever. fyi: they do let you take more than 3 oz bottles on the plane. if you are nursing, you may want to carefully plan out what you are going to wear to allow for that so you don't make your seat mates too uncomfortable.

MamaQ said...

we should coordinate because there is an infant carseat and a toddler carseat at home, so you and D don't need to bring yours (maya and i are driving so we'll have our own carseat). there is also a stroller there and a pack n play (you and D can duke it out over that one). i'll stay at my in-laws so you and D have more room at chris's. so i'd just carry olive in the becco with one carry-on diaper over your shoulder and one check-in suitcase. done!

MamaD said...

Lucy can use the toddler car seat so the infant car seat will be available that is already there (although I will warn you - it's kinda sucky). You can use the pack n' play that is there and Lucy and I will just sleep together.