Monday, September 24, 2012


I wish I could capture the crisp air and let it blow around you as you read this post. Autumn is here at last and we have been enjoying the cool nights that allow us to cuddle under a blanket, and the refreshing morning breeze that blows in through open windows (no need for AC 24/7!). Our morning following the autumn equinox was slow and relaxing. We're hoping for more of these in the following months. The tea kettle is back on the stove, hot oatmeal is appetizing once again, and our eyes are looking for the tell-tale signs of foliage changing to those pretty rusty colors. 

Beyond weather, we have been preparing for other changes around here. Little boy clothes are accumulating in a dresser drawer. Two new carseats, still in their boxes, are taking up storage space in the laundry room. Furniture is moved around, trying to find the best configuration for playing, sleeping, nursing... Discussion is centered around how we can help our beloved little girl (though oh my she is growing so quickly!) make the transition from only child to big sister. We circle dates on the calendar, trying to time paternity leave dates with dates when grandmothers and aunties and friends will come down to lend a hand, all while trying to maintain the sanctity of the little family unit we are so protective of.

Many changes coming soon. But it is the right time.

Hope you, too, have been enjoying the transition of the seasons.

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