Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yarn along: dreaming up new projects

Joining Ginny over at Small Things for the regular Wednesday Yarn Along!
Two of my favorite things are knitting and reading, and the evidence of this often shows up in my photographs. I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading as well. So, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading? ~ Ginny Sheller from Small Things

Another sweater waiting in the wings for Miss Mayumi: Cotton & Cloud cable yoke jacket. Mayumi and I visited the newly opened Knitting Loft here on Capitol Hill to choose some yarn. She selected this fun coral color (Ella Rae Classic Heathers 100% wool). Maybe I can get this one done in time for a Christmas gift?

As for reading, on Saturday night I picked up The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows and discovered it was one of those wonderful books that you just don't want to put down. I finished it the following night when I really should have been trying to sleep, but it was delightfully worth waking up bleary eyed. Granted, I have a whole lot of extra hormones coursing through my veins at present, but I found myself sobbing at different points in the story, particularly around any passage having to do with children (like parents sending their children away for years to avoid the German occupation). A good friend had recommended it to me months (years?) ago and I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it. It was one of those novels that makes you so incredibly grateful for good literature, good friends, and good life in general. I actually feel like a better person for having read it. 

Ah, that is my glowing review. I am supremely happy at the moment - happy with the weather, the progress of my days, the little projects that I've been working on, the indulgence of finishing a book in two nights, a new project getting started on the needles... oh dear, isn't this an annoying post? Will it make me any more redeemable to admit that a few days ago I was so overwhelmed with everything in my life that (again) everything was making me cry? It had been an "Oh woe is me" sort of weekend and I think I am just relieved that is over and I can go back to sunshine, lollipops and rainbows for now. Much better.


The Knitty Gritty Homestead said...

I just reread the Guernsey Literary...etc. and LOVED it every bit as much as the first time. I found a sweet pattern online for a baby guernsey sweater but didn't bookmark it and now I can't find it again! :( Loved the history in that book. I'd had no idea! That yarn is a great colour.
Here's mine:

Lori ann said...

i've had that book queued for a long time, must read it now! such pretty yarn for a lovely sweater!

Pomegranategrl said...

That sweater would be lovely MamaQ - and just so you know, I love your posts, pouty or perky, but I am very glad you are having a good day!