Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Homemade: Boobie Blanket

As promised, here is the tutorial for making homemade nursing covers (is "Boobie Blanket" too tacky?).

1 yard cotton fabric
18 inches boning
7x7 inch square piece of terry cloth
1 set of 3/4 inch D rings

Cut the cotton into:
3x42 inch rectangle (long strap)
3x6 inch rectangle (short strap to hold D rings)
38x26 inch rectangle (body of the nursing cover)

Press the two straps inside out and sew along the side with 3/4 seam allowance. For the long strap, narrow the seam towards the end to taper off. Turn the straps inside out and press with the seam centered in the back.

Fold the short strip in half with the seams facing each other. Insert the D rings and sew along the edges like so:

Double-fold the edges of the large rectangle piece and press:

Starting from the top corner of the shorter side of the rectangle, sew along the edge of the seam.

When you get to your first corner insert the terry cloth (folded in half like a triangle) and sew into the seam to create a pocket. The is the bottom corner of the nursing cover (and very handy for wiping spilled milk).

After you sew around three sides of the cover, you should be at the top of the longer side. This is the top of the nursing cover. Measure 8 inches from the corner and pin the D ring strap into place. Measure 8 inches from the opposite corner and pin the longer strap into place. At this point you can either pin the boning in under the seam or, when sewing the seam, leave an inch-wide space to insert the boning after you've finished sewing. After inserting the boning, you can either hand or machine stitch the space closed.

Once the bottom seam is finished, I like to run it through the machine again to sew along the top part of the seam to reinforce both of the straps (I only do this along the top of the cover, not on the bottom or sides).

Trim off all the access threads and press any wrinkled areas. Voila - you have a stylish, personalized nursing cover (or Boobie Blanket) of your very own!


Lindsey said...

I just bought this fabric from Joann's! lol I love it. It's gorgeous as a nursing cover. :) Thanks for the tutorial, I will be trying it in the future!

Katie said...

Boobie blanket is no worse than hooter hider. :)

eileen said...

thanks! i'm going to try this out for the next baby shower i'm invited to.