Monday, August 30, 2010

Meditation: Success

It takes courage to buck the tide, but once you start to experience the freedom that comes from actively creating your own interpretation of success, you’ll find it easy to move on from people who haven’t yet figured out that having it all or spending long hours at an unsatisfying job will never define who they truly are, no matter how high the pay.
~Elaine St. James
It is a constant challenge to put aside the little voices (real or imaginary) that I hear telling me what it means to be a successful woman.  I'm slowly learning that everyone does have a different interpretation of what success is what they want out of their own lives.  For me, it's about finding balance in the things that bring me joy: raising my daughter, running a productive household, teaching theater classes, learning a new instrument, socializing with friends, being active in my community... there are a million things on my "fullfilling things to do list" and I'm always trying to prioritize. 

The idea of defining oneself is fascinating to me (as a culture I think we're uber-obsessed about defining ourselves through music, fashion, Tweets, etc.).  How do you define who you really are? I'm not sure it has so much to do with what you do or what you buy... just who you are and how you reflect your inner grace.  The challenge is being true to yourself, I suppose! 


Isaac and Daniel Cook said...

Thanks Mama Q - I love the quote. With my previous job and being a mom I would see how unhappy mothers were b/c they didn't feel good enough. It's tough and mom's are hard on each other. I feel like they judge too much - especially if someone isn't breastfeeding or didn't have a natural birth or isn't using cloth diapers - the list can go on and on.

To feel that "freedom" is something I'm still working on. I should just be at peace and not hide the PLASTIC legos my boys play with so some other mom doesn't think I'm killing my boys. I just haven't found a good natural substitute for legos.

Anyway, Thanks for sharing and I Love your blog!!!!

MamaQ said...

michelle, i think i completely understand what you mean. maya loves legos and her plastic store-bought dolly and though i try to gently "push" the natural toys, the truth is she has her own ideas and i'm trying to learn to respect that and accept her own interpretations of success and happiness!
i admire you so intensely and love having you as a friend. i feel as though i'm always learning from you. you are a mom extraordinaire!

Katie said...
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