Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Monday

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. ~From The Wonder Years
As retrospective, a blast from the past, a remembrance, a little history...

On a recent trip home, I discovered an old diary of mine from when I was nine years old. It's just one of many diaries I've kept over the years and it. is. classic. I was such a drama queen! And a little snot, too. I'm gonna have to go through it and share some of the hilarious, terrible and awkward moments in my life, but here's a preview for now. Just imagine big bubbly letters written in fluorescent ink...

(I am transcribing the entry with the same grammar and format it was written in back in 1992. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. (I was a very horrible little nine-year-old...))

Dear Diary,

Back in January, me and this girl, Donna, got in a fight. I won't explain all of the details because that would take up a whole page, even more. So ever since then I've HATED Donna. Now all my friends don't like her. Well, that's what they say. There's this one girl, Kourtney, and she was a close friend of mine. Use to be, that is.

You see, it seemed to me that she was becoming friends with Donna which I didn't care. She can choose her own friends. The part I didn't like was that I'd ask her if she liked Donna. She'd say "no way" so finally I wrote her a note. I don't remember what it said but the first part went like this: (I gave it to her in the classroom so I could see her read it. She sits across the room)

Dear Kourtney,

       I hope you're not showing this note to Donna, because I'm watching you.

So I gave the note to Kourtney and she didn't show it to Donna. Didn't show it to Donna in school, that is. That same exact day Kourtney went over Donna's house. And in my note didn't I specifically say not to show this note to Donna? Well, Kourtney not only showed the note to Donna, but she let Donna keep it! Can you believe the nerve of that girl? And we got into a fight before this one but I gave her another chance. Then she betrayed me again. But at Jessica's party I gave her another chance. Also there's one fight that we just recently got into but I'm not giving her another chance this time.


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Ye Stewart Clan said...

This is AWESOME!!!

MamaD said...

Next time, you need to scan the page in and just black out the names and write new ones in. It's so much better when you can actually read the original (cause you know I already read this)...and you definitely need to put in the ones where you talk about your fights with MamaQ - classic!

Kendra said...

Oh, I just love this and agree you should scan the originals!