Saturday, March 12, 2011

UPDATE: Auntie and Uncle Okay!

We just got news that Aunt Keiko and Uncle Seishiro are fine. They happened to be in their quake-proof condo in Sendai (as opposed to out in the open). My uncle was only able to speak to my grandfather for a few minutes - his landline and cell phone were inoperable but for whatever reason there was a random pay phone that worked and people were standing in line waiting to use it to call their loved ones. But the important thing is that they are okay!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and concern. There is such relief and gratitude on our end. But our hearts and thoughts are with those who still have loved ones missing over there - may you find some comfort and peace in all of this turmoil.


Rachel Hagen said...

yeah!! glad to hear the good news.

Two said...

I'm glad they are ok. The people of Japan are in our prayers.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

yay! The State I live in australia just had devastating floods and cyclone. The best thing that can come out of these crisis is amazing stories of help and survival. I hope we get to hear some from Japan.

thoughts and prayers with all those who are affected. We have been a homestay family for 5 years and have had many many Japanese students live with us. We love japan!

Ye Stewart Clan said...

Oh I a so glad to hear this! That is such a blessing!