Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prayers for Japan

Despite the anxiety and grief, it has been inspiring to observe how the tragedy in Japan has united so many people and brought out their humanity. Besides watching how the people of Japan are facing their situations with such grace and dignity, people all around the world are exhibiting compassion and contributing in any way they can.

Alicia Paulsen over at Posie Gets Cozy has compiled a list of various artists and crafters who are donating proceeeds to the relief effort. Handmade for Japan is holding an online auction to raise funds. People are donating to the Red Cross in hopes that even a small amount will be able to help somewhere.

And if you want to help, too, perhaps you would consider this small request. On Friday I received an email from my mother, who is living in Niigata prefecture on the west coast of Honshu. Though her area was relatively unaffected, the disaster has impacted all Japanese life and psyche. Her aunt and uncle live in Sendai and thankfully have survived, but now face a lack of supplies, gas, power and uncertain nuclear blowout. So her request seems like something we could all do:
Dear my friends,

I was asked to send this request to friends and families in USA to join the prayer, if you like. One sister in Japan suggested to pray (possibly fast also) at 9am on 20th of March for the affected people by last week's earthquake and Tsunami.
So many people lost their family member(s) and everything they had. And most likely, house insurance they have won't cover their damage, if they don't have a earthquake insurance. Many elderly people has been dying at evacuated places. There's not enough kerosene for their stove and not enough water and other stuff.
Thank you and I hope that forwarding this request is not offending any of you.
We believe in the power of prayer, particularly the collective power of prayer. We would be honored if you would join us in this hopeful act of faith, this gesture of solidarity, this collaborative effort. Let's pray for the people of Japan.

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Ruth said...

I came across this blog through Taza & Husband, and I really appreciate this post. Prayer is so important and can lead to some miraculous things. Thanks for sharing this.