Sunday, November 11, 2012

sleep assassins

That's what PapaQ calls these two little boys of ours. I like to call them "boobie terrorists."

We've been reading up on "colic" and cluster feedings and how to calm a fussy baby... colic is definitely alive and well in our household.

A recent conversation:

Friend: How are you holding up?
Me: Great! Fine!
Friend: Really?
Me: Sleep. I don't know... They cry. And breastfeed. All night long. Gas. Maybe?
Friend: You're having a hard time stringing together a sentence.
Me: Yesh...
Friend: From your blog it looks like everything is going so well.
Me: Optimist. Liar. Both?

They grow out of this stage, right? Right?


MamaD said...

Hang in there! Is there something up with the lighting or is that one a little jaundiced? Is that Benjamin? I'm getting a little nervous about my turn.

Isaac and Daniel Cook said...

Oliver was so colicky! And he had reflux and vomited All. The. Time. He is so sweet now but looking back it was rough. I think I should have treated his reflux more aggressively. Do your boy have any symptoms of reflux? Also, I heard chiropractors help with colic but I have absolutely no info about that. I hope it gets better - Henry has just started to sleep through the night and I feel like a new person. I wished we lived closer so we could help you get some sleep. Hang in there:)

ginger said...

Ditto with Michelle's last comment.

And as for the nicknames, Chaz favored Adolf TITler. Though that was usually for pushy tantruming nursing toddlers... Not particularly endearing, but then not too far off the mark sometimes...

I thought about suggestions, but I think you know where to look and what to try already...perhaps I'll just testify that yes, they grow out of it. That is one thing I've learned by #4. Don't stress, don't doubt, don't consult a hundred books...sometimes weeks and even months are really really impossibly hard, but things always change, so take a deep breath and know that colic will too.

Isaac and Daniel Cook said...

Ginger - I love the the name Adolf TITler. That is Henry. I'm trying to decrease the amount of nursing and he is not happy about it. Seriously I feel like I have started to nurse him as much as a newborn. And now he asks for it almost every time I sit down. Luckily I live in Latin America where it's normal to breast feed for a while but he is seriously Adolf Titler:)

MamaQ said...

i seriously love my friends. because they reassure me and make me laugh by throwing around words like adolf titler.
yeah, maybe benjamin might have a little reflux. definitely some issues with his bowels. some nights are better than others. some days are better than others!
and a disclaimer - the crying baby in the photo is actually corrigan - and he is usually the calmer one. i just don't have a photo of benjamin crying. papaQ thinks it is false advertising and unfair to corrigan, but that is the kind of opportunistic mama i am.