Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lunch Appeal

My little one seems eons away from being in school (although it will probably come quicker than I can imagine right now) but I hope that I can be as ambitious and creative in preparing her school lunches as this mom.

Just take a look at her fantastic blog, Another Lunch. How adorable is that!? The food itself is actually pretty simple but the presentation of it is fantastic.

I guess that I could start practicing at home using muffin tins like this other blogger, Muffin Tin Mom. My once "good eater" baby is turning into a "picky eater" toddler. But who wouldn't want to eat food presented in such a way?

The rational side of me may have thought at one time that it was a waste of time to make a meal cute. But the wiser adult (and mother) in me can see that food represents so much more than just the function of obtaining calories; it creates memories.

And the aesthetic appeal of food is incredibly important. I think that we all can appreciate when food looks really, really good, whether at a restaurant or at home or in a picture from a blog or magazine. But for those whose practical side always win, think of it this way: the practicality in taking the time to make your food more aesthetically appealing would result in your picky little ones actually eating the food you prepared!

I also love that for the school lunches, using a bento box (or similar container) reduces the waste of using ziploc bags or washing a million little containers. So there are so many pros to all this - you can have the control to provide nutritious meals to your children, made with love and creativity ('cause seriously, you would be the most awesome mom or dad if you did this) all while reducing waste. I guess the only con is that it takes up a little extra time in your day.

But aren't these little ones worth it!?

I totally remember the wonderful lunches that my mom used to make for me all the way through high school - always with a sandwich (with the lettuce, tomato, and avocado wrapped separately so as not to make the bread soggy), fruit (always peeled or cut up for easy eating), veggie, and some treat. My friends would actually be envious and when my mom found out, she made an extra lunch for one of my best friends so that she could enjoy it too!

I guess I better start investing in some cookie cutters!!


Kumi said...

I bet Lucy will be a good eater if you present her meals this pretty way.

Kendra said...

What a neat way to prepare a little one's lunch! Even better that it is not wasteful with plastic bags and such.

Kendra said...

What a neat way to prepare a little one's lunch! Even better that it is not wasteful with plastic bags and such.

Ye Stewart Clan said...

I think too that little compartments help me be realistic about how much food my toddler can actually eat. I think sometimes he doesn't eat that well because I overwhelm him with too much food. With bento you are reminded that they are just kids and do not eat adult-sized portions.