Monday, September 6, 2010

Meditation: Mental Cleansing

The minds of people are so cluttered up with everyday living these days that they don’t, or won’t, take time out for a little prayer–-for mental cleansing, just as they take a bath for a physical, outer cleaning. Both are necessary.
~Jo Ann Carlson
This quote made me pause and realize that it is true; I would never go a day without taking a shower, but I often forget (or stubbornly refuse to) pray and/or meditate.  On NPR the other day Diane Rehm interviewed Dr. Herbert Benson about the power of the mind over the body and the important role prayer and meditation play in healing.  I think this is one of the reasons I gravitate toward yoga - I crave the integration between physical, mental, and spiritual development and after every single practice, I feel stronger and cleaner and rejuvenated. 

Like you, I'm always running around, trying to get as much accomplished as I can.  I feel extra pressure as a stay-at-home mom to prove I am being productive (even if it is only to myself).  But what is the point if I am running myself ragged and catching myself losing my patience with my daughter?  Mental cleansing is a must, and if I must constantly be analysing the to-do list in my head, the least I can do is put "prayer and meditation" at the top of it.  How do you cleanse your mental faculties and find peace?


Matt O. said...

These are questions I struggle with every day. We are trying to prove things to the world (when really just to ourselves) every single day. The tangible evidence is there: dinner was a success, the daily objectives at work were met, I've showered. However, while the intangibles are usually met, we rarely take time to assess their impact.

Was I a good person today? Was I a good father/husband/son/mother/etc today? What did I do right? What did I do wrong?

We focus too often on the things we fell short in, while ignoring the things we so casually have going for us.

Just yesterday, I was complaining of my lack of money. In doing so, I became mindful of in a matter of minutes, that I was ignoring the things that are going right.

Sure, I don't have much to my name in terms of money, but here I am: sitting next to the woman I love, on a comfortable couch, in a beautiful home with hardwood floor, reading a book in complete happiness and silence. Why was I so upset at such a trivial matter such as money? I have a job, the bills are paid ... so I can't afford yearly trips to Hawaii, who cares? I have all that I need right in front of me.

Kumi said...

Glad Matt O which you realized that you are the one of the most fortunate!!

MamaQ, are these azalea and bleeding heart yours?