Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pass It On!

By MamaD

I don't post much because as some of you might know, I'm a little addicted to couponing and finding deals. MamaQ recommended that I pass some of those deals onto our awesome readers. These deals are little quickies and slightly random but here they go.

$50 Voucher to Nordstrom Rack for $25 through Groupon!

I'll have to do a more comprehensive post on group buying sites one of these days because there are many but I think that Groupon is my favorite. This is a limited time deal and only lasts through the weekend but may sell out earlier. So I hope that this can satisfy that urge for materialism that some of us suffer from without breaking the bank. Click here for all the details.

$15 off your $15 purchase at the Natural Store!

This is a facebook promotion and it sounds pretty easy. You can check it out on the Natural Store's facebook page on their wall or read about it here. I'm not familiar with the Natural Store but it sounds like it is an an online retailer of natural/organic products. I found this deal on one of the deal blogs that I follow and they usually post pretty legitimate stuff so hopefully, this works.

$15 for a $25 Certificate to Kiva through Groupon!
For those who are trying to escape the materialism that sometimes accompanies the holiday season, this might be a nice gift. I am not familiar with Kiva but it sounds pretty cool. It's an organization that provides micro-loans to businesses around the world. It's also Oprah approved so I am guessing this is definitely legit. Read more about it here.

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