Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankgiving Lapbook

My friend, Eileen, recently introduced me to lapbooks and they have been a fun addition to our family. (Since we opted not to start Mayumi in any kind of pre-school program, we've been experimenting with "home schooling.")  The lapbook idea is about using a file folder to hold various mini-books and materials relating to a particular subject that your child is studying.  This month we, of course, focused on Thanksgiving.  I got a lot of ideas from Squidoo's page on Thanksgiving Lapbooks and then created my own version appropriate for Mayumi's age and abilities.

I made a Memory Matching Card game using clipart from my computer.  When we play it we discuss how each picture relates to Thanksgiving.  The painting is one I found on the web and I don't know much about it, but we discuss some basic art appreciation topics, like who is in the picture, what are they doing, where the light coming from, how it makes us feel, etc.

The Thanksgiving Word Search is from Activity Village.  Mayumi can't actually find the words yet, but she likes to circle all the "M"s or "P"s.  The poems are from various places on the web.  I made the little "I am Thankful" pocket and we filled it with paper scraps with different things we're grateful for.

On the back I created a number match worksheet in MS Word.  If anyone is interested in having it, email me and I'll send it to you.

We also printed out this fun turkey page from Hold That Thought.  It's too big to fit in the lapbook so we hung it on the fridge and every now and then Mayumi stands in front of it with her marker and tried to add on to it.  The conversations usually go something like this:

Mama, are you grateful for bunnies?
Yes, Maya, I am.  I love bunnies.
Me too.  Bunnies.  B...buh...buh... buh...bunnies.  Mama, how do you spell bunnies?
(she begins to write her beautiful squiggly letters on the paper)
Mama, can you help me?

I love being that "Mama."


MamaM said...

I love this! But it seems like so much work. Worth it, I suppose. I feel like I should start making these for Olive now so they're ready when she is.

One said...

Love this!!

eileen said...

woo-hoo! I got a shout-out.
MamaM---It's actually not too much work (unless you are creating things like over-achieving MamaQ). You can just google "lapbooks" and then press the print button when you find something that you like :)

my little boy got a copy of this particular lapbook from MamaQ and just loves it! They are super fun. A great way to celebrate the holidays, or learn about any topic.

Knights' Mama said...

I think your lapbook looks great. Having homeschooled for many years, I always like to encourage anyone who's enjoying it. It's not for everyone, but it can be really wonderful to watch the universe unfold for your child all day long.