Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Recent Find

I love thrifting.
And accidentally coming across an estate sale.
And finding things like this in the basement.

Antique.  Pristine condition.


Why do I need two sewing machines?  In case a friend wants to come over and craft together.  And Mayumi is already into it.  In no time she'll be whipping up little projects as we work side by side.

Hold on, let me wipe away a happy tear...


heather said...

oh my, what a beauty! you are being perfectly practical too... having two machines makes all the sense in the world! :) enjoy, she is pretty amazing.

Sofia's Ideas said...

You are my kindred spirit! I love thrifting - and that is quite an incredible find!!! $25? You can't beat that, its beautiful, like art!

Your blog is so cute! And the kids & I just finished reading a book about Wabi Sabi.

Thanks for stopping by Sofia's Ideas. I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll come back over to and do the same! :)

One said...

I'll come craft with you!! And then we can adjourn for fondue :-)

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

How did I not know you sewed when we were working at the same place? It's a beautiful machine! I have a gorgeous 1970s Kenmore that I got from freecycle!

MaurLo said...

Wow. That is so beautiful! I'll come over and craft with you anytime.