Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Laughter

The Japanese believe it is auspicious to start the New Year with a good laugh.  Waraizome, or "first laughter" is high on my list because not only do I need all the good luck I can get, it just feels good to laugh, doesn't it? So if you have a good joke or a funny story, please share.

I have one for you.  Over Christmas vacation my brother and dear mother took Mayumi to Chuck E. Cheese one evening so Mr. Q and I could go on a date (a rare occasion for us!).  As any child would be, especially during her first foray into the world of arcade games, she was full of wonder and glee.  At one point she turned to my brother and announced "Uncle Chris, this is so fun!  Maybe when you and Baba (her grandmother) go on a date my mommy and daddy can take me here!"

Oedipus anyone?

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