Monday, January 24, 2011

kokeshi love

I recently finished knitting a little kokeshi doll for Mayumi - a late Christmas present and a project that I've had in the works for almost a year. I purchased it as a kit from Purl Soho during my last trip to NYC.

I have a soft spot for these little limbless dolls. The historical purpose of kokeshi is a bit ambiguous - some believe they were used as massage tools, some say they represented children who died, some say they were good luck charms. I gravitate towards the theory that they embody a wish to give birth to a happy, beautiful baby. I am always looking for some good fertility mojo!

In the spirit of my kokeshi love, here are some lovely little creations I came across on the web:

from Asial's shop

from temple7e

from labeba

from 26Seven

Let me know if you find any other kokeshi creativity out there!


MJ said...

These are all so adorable, as is your doll!! Thanks for sharing!

MamaD said...

Do you know that I totally have the nativity from Kokeshi Designs!? Except I only have Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus but I love it. Maybe I will add to my collection sometime. PapaD's mom gave them to me for Christmas along with a charming kokeshi ornament for Lucy.

jhitomi said...

I love everything kokeshi! Thank you for these; I may have to buy some of these adorable items.

BecomingClaudine said...

The doll you knitted is simply beautiful!!

What a special present to give!