Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I just read a blog post that mentioned how most "mommy" blogs tend to focus on the positive, happy moments instead of the challenging, disheartening days. I'm one of these bloggers--not because I'm trying to create a facade about how perfect my life is, but because I feel that it can be destructive to focus on the negative. It's the happy moments I want to remember.

That said, there are many, many things in my life that aren't picture perfect or that perhaps aren't what your typical mommy blogger might write. So, in an attempt to air some of my dirty, or just wrinkled, laundry, here are some of my confessions:
  • I used to clean my bathrooms every two weeks. Now I'm lucky if they get cleaned monthly.
  • I'm bad at getting my child to eat vegetables and remembering to brush her teeth.
  • I have let my daughter "cry it out" more than once. And it's worked.
  • I like the escape from motherhood that my part-time job provides me. 
  • Sometimes I purposely wake my husband up when I'm getting back in bed after a late-night/early-morning bout with the wee one so he can know I was up and feel a bit of my pain.
  •  I eat a lot of junk food.

Just a few of my little secrets. Now I want to know--what are yours??

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Jane said...

Fabulous! Ditto to all but the last one, only because I put on weight too easily. Plus I can add:
- our kids generally only have a shower or bath 2-3 times a week (they don't smell!)
- our 3 year old knows how to entertain himself on a couple of appropriate websites
- we had our middle son's birthday party 3 months late last year, and I booked it not realising it was on my youngest son's actual birthday.
But yeah, I agree, I also like to try and laugh at the 'dirty laundry' moments and focus on the happiness :-)

Tracey said...

My dirty laundry...I looked at my kitchen floor the other day and couldn't remember the last time I mopped..it was really bad!
I never fold socks...I make the kid's dig in the basket for a match.
That's just a little of my 'not so great' things in my life.

Kim said...

Oh jeez...where to begin.

- I bribe my kids to eat their veggies with treats
- I only wash my sheets every 3 weeks
- I begin each day with caffeine and sugar
- I employ the electronic babysitter when I want a moment to myself (like right now)

And on a related subject...concerning mother guilt, which I have heard is stronger than Catholic guilt...I'm trying to be gentle and forgiving of myself and my flaws so that I can be gentle and forgiving of my children and their flaws.

MJ said...

Thanks for sharing your "bad side" --Lol :). I agree with you by the way. I don't like focusing on the negative either. And I have found that it lifts me up to remember and write the positive.
But if you want dirty laundry, here it is :)!!

I wait to the very last possible minute to clean at all. That includes the bathrooms, the floors, changing sheets, whatever. The dishes are the extent of my everyday cleaning. Having the house on the market is the best thing that could have happened to this place. Now it's getting some much needed attention.

Sometimes my kids go for a couple weeks without a bath or shower. I forget!! And the pool seems just as fine a solution, don't cha think?

I am a coffee and chocoholic. I have both almost everyday.

I haven't exercised in a year. A YEAR!! I am shaking in places that have never shook before. Once a poster child for health and yoga, now nothing but flabby mess.

This was fun. I feel like I just went to confession :).

This Girl loves to Talk said...

i try to positively (!!) blog the negatives about motherhood over on my blog. Like laugh about all the crazy things that go on, laugh at my shortcomings (millions of them) but also blog the awe inspiring heartwarming things that happen to a mum of four girls :)

Habitual positive blog reading can be bad for you (some bogs I read I was making myself depressed thinking what a terrible mum I am.. it only takes for them to blog some of their negatives and I think PHEW!!) so its good to write some more realistic 'secrets' too once in a while

Camilleta said...

I'm sure there are more but this is what I can think of off the top of my head... My bathroom smells like pee and my daughter watches a lot of TV.

MamaM said...

You mamas are awesome! It's so refreshing to hear I'm not the only one with a dirty house and a dirty kid! But the important thing is that we are present parents savoring the everyday, precious moments with our kids. (We are, aren't we?...) :)