Monday, June 20, 2011

Deal of the Day! $20 for $40 Worth of Organic, Natural, Green, and Eco-Friendly Products from Abe's Market

This deal has popped up before and I was tempted to buy it then as I am tempted to buy it now. Groupon is offering a $40 for only $20 to Abe's Market, an on-line retailer of eco-friendly goods. This Groupon is available on the right side bar of the Westchester County, New York page but since it is an on-line deal, anyone nationwide can purchase it.

Before I buy any deals from these social buying sites like Groupon, I always check out the website of the retailer to see if there is anything I actually "need" (because some of us can be more impulsive than we want to admit). I found these stainless steel bento boxes that would be perfect for picnic lunches or in the car when we're out an about.
Right now I am using glass and plastic but the glass is so heavy and the plastic breaks all the time and doesn't really coincide with trying to live a zero-waste lifestyle. I don't know if it is just having a daughter that gets me paranoid about all the chemicals in plastics or just trying to be more environmentally conscious about my waste or a combination of both but I've been trying to slowly make changes to sturdier reusable items and when I see a deal like this, I like to jump on it (you think my husband will buy that?). I also want to make beautiful bento lunches for me and my daughter.

Another thing you want to check out is shipping for these types of deals before you buy. When you factor in shipping, sometimes the deal isn't quite the steal that you thought. According to the Abe's Market website, you can get free shipping on orders over $49 for a limited time or pay a flat fee of $3.99 so I think that is quite reasonable.

Are you all as addicted to social buying sites like Groupon as I am? I must subscribe to more than seven of these a day that flood my inbox and always tempt me with the great deals, whether I need them or not. Hope that this is a more useful one for our readers!

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