Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I'm lucky to have a little garden plot in the back area of my town home development. My plants are not as fortunate, having a forgetful owner like me. They get watered with driplines managed by the HOA, but weeds? Weeds are another story.

See that little sign that says green onions? Those are not green onions. Those are weeds. Everything green in the picture is a weed, except for the red-leaf  lettuce in the far background.

How am I the only one among my garden neighbors that can't seem to keep up? I try to do a little here and there (for heaven knows I don't have time to attack them all at once), but fresh ones always pop up quicker than I can pull them.

Sorry, little plants. It's going to be crowded for a while.

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MamaQ said...

i actually find weeding to be meditative and i'm always coming up with symbolic parallels that make me feel like i'm accomplishing so much more than just removing unwanted plants. but practically speaking, have you considered mulching your rows with straw? and sprinkling coffee grounds down? those have been helpful for me...