Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Homeschool Lesson: Peter and the Wolf

One of the fun things about homeschooling is being able to really delve in-depth into a particular subject and find fun ways of exploring it. The challenging part is finding a suitable subject and putting together a lesson plan! But since we are part of a small co-op of families in the area who take turns teaching a "lesson" once a week, it is certainly incentive to be on top of my game. The three other moms involved all come from different backgrounds and it is fascinating and inspiring to see the unique strengths and creative approaches each one brings to their lessons.

For my turn this week I put together a little exploration and intro to music using Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf. Here is a rough outline of what my lesson plan looked like:

Peter and the Wolf
Listen to examples of various instruments and discuss qualities of musical instrument groups and how each character is represented by a different instrument. What kind of personality traits come to mind when you hear a character’s leitmotif?
Listen to each character’s leitmotif. Explore dancing and moving to the music in order to convey the character’s personality.
Bring out instrument box. If you could choose one instrument from the box to represent yourself which would it be? How could you use that instrument to communicate with other people? How do you say hello? How do you let someone know you’re angry? Tired? Sad? Happy?
Language Arts
Reading from Books
Comparing the different book versions of the story.
Review characteristics of animals.
Grouping of instruments by type
Excellent Study Guide with various activities:

Amazingly all of the kids were interested in engaged in every step of the lesson. They were riveted by the puppet show story, they loved playing their own instruments, and they enjoyed putting together different elements of their scrapbooks. Success! Now I don't have to worry about putting together another lesson for another four weeks. Phew!

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Mark said...

A great object lesson - learning can be fun when handled properly.