Sunday, February 12, 2012

little corners

Little by little the corners of our home are coming together. We've been here for two years now. Sometimes it seems like an excruciating process - making our house into the home we want it to be. But I mostly like that it comes along slowly, that we have time to figure out what really works best.
Alas, our bedroom is one of the last things, but if all goes right, we will have new furniture in a few weeks! 

newly painted pale gray walls and new(ish) couches from Craig's List.

the view down the street from our front porch

I know it has been the trendy thing to post photos of blossoming paperwhites, but I couldn't resist. They're simply too lovely...

nothing glorious, but we finally finished painting the trim and doors in the upstairs hallway.

I smile at this every time I walk into my bedroom

the bathroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house - bright, cozy, with a little greenery
Feeling very grateful to have a sanctuary like this with hot showers, hot radiators, bread in the oven, and a little space for snuggling, creating, playing...


MamaD said...

Have you only been in your home for 2 years? I swear it's been longer - at least 3 if not 4? Can't wait to visit and see your house (and for you to visit and see mine!). We both opted for pale gray walls. I love them!

Kim said...

Oh! i love those old row houses. They are so cool and yours looks especially lovely.