Monday, February 13, 2012

sweet valentine

The past few weeks we've found moments here and there to work on our Valentine cards and gifts. Besides the lovely little card creations that Mayumi has been making, we came up with this little project that seemed to fit perfectly with her little pre-school co-op called The Honeybee Hive.

Amongst my crafty bits I found an old stamp that read "Bee Mine." Maya stamped them onto little rectangles of pink card stock.

I punched holes along the bee's "tail" and at the top. I clipped the corners to give it a taggy look. Then we sewed yarn through the holes, inspired by this idea I found on Pinterest.

After Maya personalized them, we tied them to honey sticks (get it, honey... "bee" mine?) with an origami flower on top.

A special little bouquet for her to share with her buzzy little friends!


MamaD said...

That's a pretty freakin cute idea. SO clever!

MamaD said...

Wicked cute!

MamaM said...

Oops, that was really me saying wicked cute. D was using my computer before me.

Kumi said...

Origami flowers are nice unique touch!!
Guess, I made the same flowers and red heart-shaped paper with rose cut-out stuck to a little choco package to all (about 16) ladies at Church yesterday!!
I miss the time I sent the Valentine package to you girls at the college!