Thursday, December 2, 2010

Deal of the Day! $5 Off Your $5 Purchase at Hallmark!!

I just sent off our Wabisabi Mama to the airport a couple of hours ago so she can enjoy the Christmas holiday with MamaQ & family. A few tears were shed on the car ride home - we'll miss her so much!! When are we going to get the family compound together?

Anyway, I thought I would soften the sadness with a fun deal. If you are heading out shopping in the next few days, check out if you have a Hallmark Gold Crown retailer in the area. If you do, print out this coupon for $5 off your total purchase. You may want to call ahead to your store to see if they are participating in this promotion. I wouldn't waste a trip just for this but if you are doing some shopping anyway, you may be able to score something free or close to free with this coupon like wrapping paper or an ornament. Check out the deal HERE! I was so disappointed that I missed this deal last year so I hope I can score something fun this weekend!!

Happy Shopping!!

Note: You may have to be signed up as a rewards member to do this which I am guessing you can do in the store or HERE online.

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