Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade: Sweater Weather

Back in October I finally finished my first adult-size sweater (my last personal project before the big Christmas push!).  I started it in a sweater class at my local yarn store and then found some lovely handmade glass buttons to finish it off.  It was relatively easy to knit, and though I'm actually not a big fan of the yarn (I felt pressure to choose it from a limited selection on the day of the class) and I made a few mistakes (like switching to the wrong side halfway through the sweater) I like my final project, overall.  And better yet, I feel more confident about taking on bigger projects. 

The deets:
Yarn: Karabella Windy 100% cotton
Pattern: Liesl by Ysolda

Kind of like a Christmas gift to myself!


MJ said...

Sugoi!!! It's adorable MamaQ!

Four said...

I'm uber impressed. I've always been wary of knotting anything bigger than a scarf!

Kumi said...

Sugoi, too!! It's very nice!!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!