Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas

Last year we began the tradition of celebrating the twelve days of Christmas leading up to January 6th, Three Kings Day (or Epiphany or Twelfth Night).  I love the idea of extending Christmas for as long as we can with continuous feasting and merrymaking and celebrating the birth of Christ. The problem is that I haven't really thought out exactly how we are going to do this.  I imagine it will consist of making lots of tasty things to eat and inviting friends and neighbors over (last-minute, of course) to join us.  Wassail, warden pear pie, king's cake, Christ's bread, Japanese noodles, omochi, and other treats are being considered... I'll return and report!


One said...

We did this growing up! On Christmas Day, we would each open up our stockings and one other present. We'd open the rest of the gifts slowly, one at a time over the next week or so. I loved that we really enjoyed each gift, (with SO many kids there was such potential for total mayhem!). Plus it allowed a bit more space to focus on Christ -- AND it was a cinch to sneak in a late gift or two, if last minute shopping didn't work out! We'd always have a Hungarian New Year's Day -- lentil and apple brunch with a few friends -- and then spend the last couple days of Christmas writing thank you notes and putting away decorations -- all in the guise of festivities and celebrations, of course! Sometimes Santa would even come again -- just to mix things up a bit :-) All in all, it's a wonderful tradition that we're trying to continue, too.

BecomingClaudine said...

What a wonderful tradition -- best as you celebrate!

Cristina said...

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