Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our Advent: Week Two

Day 8: TubaChristmas at the Kennedy Center. It was packed, but from her perch on daddy's shoulders Mayumi could see the lovely brass.

Day 9: Baking bread and delivering it to the neighbors.  Mmmm, maple oatmeal loaves with homemade peach jam from the summer harvest.

 Day 10: Visiting cousins in West Virginia and exchanging gifts.  We brought home a box of homemade cookies!

Day 11: Attending the Christmas party at church.  No photos - I opted to attend a satsang and Mr. Q was too busy socializing and watching his little three year-old to play photographer as well. 

 Day 12: Christmas Concert at the Stake Center.  More musical merriment and treats to boot.

 Day 13: Decorating cookies.  Taking a page from my sister-in-law, we made an array of cookies to deliver to friends: gingerbread, sugar, fruitcake, candy, chocolate chip, jam, etc.  A complete sugar fest.

Day 14: Oh no -- it was inevitable that Mayumi would catch something.  Since she's not feeling too hot we're taking it easy and watching the Grinch today.


Kendra said...

Sounds fun and festive - the perfect combo! Love the first photo.

MJ said...

Oh everything looks so yummy!! And the pic with Mayumi on dad's shoulders is just precious :). Hope she is feeling better!

dmarie said...

adorable kiddo!! and from the looks of those cookies, I'm guessing your cousins in Virginia said you can come back anytime.