Friday, December 17, 2010

{this moment}

a friday ritual (inspired by soulemama).
a single photo capturing a moment from the week. a simple, special, extraordinary moment. a moment to pause, savor and remember.
if you're inspired to do the same, share a link to your 'moment' in the comments!

wishing you a magical weekend!


sunnymama said...

Aww! This is what my little boy has been doing today also. Lovely picture. :)

Patty said...

Hmmm...looks like someone just cannot resist touching. What a fun stage! I stopped in from Soule Mama.

Cristina said...

I just saw you comment on Waldorf mama's blog and I'm so happy I came to wabisabimama! All 3 of you are beautiful!
I spent part of my childhood in Japan and have such fond memories.
I look forward to visiting often and seeing all of your zakka treasures.
Ja ne :)

giozi said...

I love all your baby moments. She is adorable and looks so cute. :) Thanks for sharing.

This is my This Moment:
Is about a ham that my husband, who is spanish, bought by internet and came this week. He was so happy like a child.

Have a nice weekend

ella@lifeologia said...

So cute!
We're dressing the tree this weekend ;)

Here is many moments from us :

dmarie said...

lovely moment! thanks for visiting my blog, especially tickled you did so because when I tried your link yesterday, I couldn't get it to work. Just love your blogname and look forward to taking a trip around your blog. Thx!

Jennifer said...

I love to watch little children and their fascination with all the Christmas decor!

What a sweet picture.

Ana said...

How nice! We have been enjoying putting new ornaments on the tree every day. Merry Christmas!