Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Wabisabi Brother!

Q: Another March birthday and we would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge our favorite brother in the universe, Wabisabi Brother.

M: Of course, he's our only brother...

D: But we wouldn't trade him for any other brother in the world!

Q: We had intense sibling rivalry from the beginning. When Wabisabi Brother was born I was two and I was so jealous of the time my mother spent with him that when she would nurse him, I would jump on the bed or pull clothes out of the bureau to get her attention.

M: Always the drama queen. I, on the other hand, was rather fond of Wabisabi Brother. And despite his rough-housing with me, I think he kinda liked me, too. When I was a freshman in high school, he was a senior and was always looking out for me. We also got to be at the same college at the same time and Wabisabi Brother was so nice to always let his little sis use the car, even after she got into an accident that maybe was mostly her fault but she might have maybe made it sound like it was mostly the other guy's fault (I've since repented).

D: From childhood, I remember Wabisabi Brother relentlessly teasing me. I see a pattern emerging here -- embarrassing memories first from M and now from bro. Was it because I was the baby of the family or just a big wuss? Anyway, he's quite gentlemanly now and for whatever teasing he rained upon us sisters in the past, he has made up for it in his showering of love and affection on his little nieces.

Q: Wabisabi Brother always had a natural gift for athletics. Baseball, basketball and football were his sports of choice and he excelled at all of them. He was always off playing with his friends in the neighborhood or at some league game. Though I was usually excluded from the fun, occasionally I was allowed to play, too, and it always made my day. Imagine a big sister tagging along after her little brother.

M: Wabisabi Brother recently sacrificed an established lifestyle on one side of the country to move to the other side of the country where he is taking care of the home of my parents (who live out of the country). And since doing so, he's spruced the place up, building a mudroom, fixing windows, painting walls, doing yardwork--the list goes on and on.

Q: He's wicked sweet like that.

D: One of the parts that I love most when visiting home (besides all the swanky home improvements) are all the family pictures that he has framed and displayed. It would be obvious to anyone who visits him that family (and his sisters) are very important to him. What girl can resist that? He's thoughtful, intelligent, handy, gainfully employed...come on, do we have any takers out there, girls? He's still single!

Happy Birthday Brother!


MamaD said...

And looking at these pictures reminds me that he has the cutest nose in the whole family.

luminainfinite said...

awww, that's adorable. Happy Birthday Chris! Nice work sisters.