Thursday, March 4, 2010

Homemade: Flower Cards

I'm really not that crafty, which is why I love this project. It's easy, easy, easy. Just cut out a bunch of random, imperfect circles from paper, plus a few straight-ish lines for the stems and tear-dropped pieces for the leaves. Stack orbs of differing sizes on top of each other, add a stem and some leaves, glue to a plain notecard and you end up with a beautiful and artistic handmade card.

Now go write a note on your handmade card and make someone's day!


Ye Stewart Clan said...

So pretty.

MamaQ said...

these really are quite lovely. i love the modern depiction of the flowers. and i could do that! that's the best part! nice work emmers.

Kendra said...

Very nice!