Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring cleaning

While this time of year finds MamaQ wanting to prep her garden, I find myself with a serious case of spring cleaning fever. Maybe it's because I'm spending a lot more time at home with a new baby or maybe it's because the Utah weather has been unseasonably warm, but I want to clean!

My friend got me a cleaning lady as a welcome-new-baby-and-destress-new-mama gift (best gift ever!) so I'll be utilizing that service next week. (Can't wait to have her wipe down the blinds and get those pesky oil splashes off my kitchen cabinets.) That leaves me with more time to do organizational projects, like purging this horrendous closet (or rather getting my husband to clean out this closet, since 90% of its contents belong to him).

Other tasks include cleaning out my clothes closet and making another donation to the local thrift store, organizing the pantry and my spice cabinet (am I obsessive compulsive or do other people do that too?), and putting up more racks in the garage so I can transfer belongings inside to out. Oh, and hang those pictures in Olive's room that have been leaning against the wall for, oh, about two months now...

Anyone else got the bug?


Tyson and Katie said...

Yes. I really want to spring clean too - and I organize my pantry and spice cabinet too. :)

Puanani Tuiolosega Tagoa'i said...

Yes, I have it REALLY bad, but I think it's just intensified nesting these days :).