Saturday, March 6, 2010


We mamas are frugalistas and proud of it. We love getting deals and don't usually buy expensive clothes, but I have to admit I spent $70 on a nursing bra recently.

Is that a lot of money to anyone else?

I rarely shop at Nordstrom, but went there on the recommendation of another mom after being frustrated with not being able to find a good nursing bra (as a fuller-breasted mama, it is really hard to find one with good combo of support and coverage). I was sized and fitted and got a really great (albeit granny-looking) bra. And though I might be able to buy three bras for $70 elsewhere, I think it was worth it.

I originally was going to call this post "Indulgences," but changed my mind because I don't think a good bra (or several good bras) is an indulgence; it is a building block of good fashion, comfort and self-image!

I also once paid a lot of money for a pair of jeans (Oprah said this particular brand can make anyone look good!) and maybe a pair or two of shoes--and I think that's okay! That's why we scrimp and save, right? So we can splurge for the things that we really want--and dare I say, deserve.

What have you splurged on that you don't regret?


Ye Stewart Clan said...

What kind of bra did you get?!!!

MamaM said...

The one shown in the picture. It's a brand called Anita, style 5041. Here's the link:,Anita_maternity,Breastfeeding,Nursing_bras

MamaQ said...

cost per wear, girl. it's all about economics. $70 on something you wear almost every day for a couple of years is so WORTH it.

Kendra said...

Splurging on something that gets constant wear is smart. From one fuller chested gal to another, I even splurge on my bras now and I am not even nursing yet.... Support is necessary!

Kumi said...

The model looks like MamaQ at first glance.

Esther said...

I went to Nordstrom right after I had my baby and considered an expensive nursing bra. I ended up not doing it so that I could get cheaper bras but literally 7 bras later (all that didn't fit) I felt I should have gotten the one that did fit perfectly, so I say Way to go.