Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starting Seedlings

These days find me restless for winter to be over. Growing up we always knew when spring was coming because the house would suddenly be crammed with plastic containers and pots full of dirt taking up every inch of available window space.  The house smelled like soil, and I remember Mom devotedly misting those pots and checking on them with awe and anticipation.  I didn't really understand her enthusiasm back them, but now I find myself yearning for the same signs of life and growth. 

I was so excited when my box of seeds arrived in the mail.  Mayumi and I cleared a space on the dining table and got to work.  I had my own tray and she had hers (broken eggshells and an egg carton - how charming!).

Mayumi planted marigolds from seeds we harvested last fall.  My tray contains several varieties of tomato and bell pepper, leeks and cucumber.

There is something s hopeful about waiting for seedlings to emerge!

Outdoors, Mother Nature is showing signs of readiness as well.  The blizzard snow is melting and look what is starting to pop through the ground!  Tulips!

Have no fear, my friends.  Spring is on the way!


MaurLo said...

I am also waiting for spring...and being inspired by your gardening posts! Seed magazines have been ordered, and sketching and dreamings are going on daily! I love watching those little green shoots popping out of the ground.

Ye Stewart Clan said...

Where did you order your seeds from?