Friday, February 11, 2011

mamahood - keeping it real

I fell asleep in bed with Mayumi around 8pm last night and woke up two hours later to the sound of vomiting. I felt it splash onto my hair and run down my back and I called out to Mr. Q (who was downstairs watching TV) to come help. Poor Mayumi couldn't stop until the contents of her stomach were completely emptied. While her daddy cleaned her up and comforted her I got to work changing all the sheets (and blankets and duvet and pillows - yes EVERYWHERE!) and then while she went back to sleep I went ahead and disinfected the entire bathroom. I slept with her in the guest bed and a few hours later she woke up again with another throw-up fit. My poor baby.

Not much sleep was had and we all woke up a bit groggy this morning. But Mayumi has an extremely sweet disposition when she is sick - she is affectionate and cheerful, if subdued. She helped me do a few loads of laundry and then we laid down to take a little nap. I got up while she was still sleeping and checked some email and discovered that my friend Naomi has published a little guest post written by myself over on her wildly popular blog The Rockstar Diaries. I read it and smiled and was reminded - as I am a hundred times a day it seems - that despite these rough moments, being a mama really is quite spectacular, but in a more quiet way.

The house is an absolute disaster, I am hungry and a bit cranky as I wrap up week 2 of my cleanse, I'm having camera issues again, and there are a million things on my to-do list that are not making me feel tranquil and zen. But now Mayumi is cuddling into my chest with her finger in my bellybutton (her comfort mechanism) and I'm aware that my greatest treasure is here in my lap. How's that for keeping it real?


Jen Gordon said...

I found your blog through rockstar diaries and I love it! I've got three little ones and have, too, been vomited on more occasions than I care to recall. Such is life as a mother. Good, bad and rewarding. :)

MamaD said...

Lucy just had throw-ups on Tuesday night - in the car all over the car seat and herself. Then in the house when we took her in. The on the bed...several times. But by that time, all the solids had already been vomited out so it was mostly just liquids. Poor babies. But she is so cute when she is sick and cuddly and mellow.

MamaQ said...

oh, my poor little lulu. and poor you for having to clean all that stuff up. i had to hold back my own gag reflex for that. but amen about the cute and cuddly when they are sick. we had some major snuggle time today and it was very sweet.
give lulu a hug for me. we miss her so!

Pomegranategrl said...

Perfect for keeping it real. Sorry to hear lulu is under the weather. I hope tonight is a better night of sleep. xo

Rachel said...

loved your post at rockstair dairies. i hope your little one gets better! ah - being sick is no fun.

joyce said...

ah, this sounds familiar. we keep "bowls" around when the kids are sick (throw up sick). my two are a bit older now that when they feel it, they know to go in the bowl (if far from the bathroom). When my 3 year old daughter (now 4 and soon to be 5) was in bed sick, we left a bowl with her, just in case. I went to check on her when she was crying but so happy so see her dinner remains in the bowl and not all over the bed. (a little tip when they get a bit older)

Duchess Doro said...


Came through Rockstar Diaries as well. :)

Hope she's doing much better now. Like Joyce, my mom used to make me throw up in a small pail in the room. It's better than having everything strewn about everywhere.