Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oishii: Last-Minute Valentine Treats

I'm on a strict detox and won't be able to enjoy all the sweet confections of the holiday - oh torture to make them for my family and then abstain! But I still plan to make it special for their sakes. Lots of pink and red and hearts galore. And chocolate. Did I mention chocolate?

I'm planning to make raspberry cream cheese pan-crepes and strawberry smoothies for breakfast, dark chocolate and raspberry heart scones and chocolate-dipped strawberries for our afternoon tea, and then create a delicious dinner feast of valentine bread with roasted red pepper soup, chicken sandwiches and spinach salad with strawberries, goatcheese, pecans and poppyseed dressing.

And just in case that isn't enough, I may just whip up some chocolate peanut-butter heart cookies or maybe even these Nutella strawberry puff pastry hearts. Or cardamom creme brulee? Oh dear, whose idea was it to do this cleanse anyhow! Well, I'm sharing these ideas with you so maybe you can enjoy them and I can look back a year from now and know what my Valentine menu will be - for myself this time.

You may want to stop by today and eat my share these goodiess... because I don't know if I'll have the willpower to resist!


ginger said...

Thanks Q!! I made the scones this morning and have the crepes on my menu for tomorrow.

yellowfin684 said...

Over-achiever. How in the world will you have time to make all of that? And do you really have afternoon tea?

MamaM said...

Oh, yellowfin is the hubs. That was really me making that comment.

MamaQ said...

okay, the admission is that i didn't end up making all of these. it was just a fantasy list and since i can't eat this stuff anyhow, and i'm not really excited about stuffing all this sugar and processed food down my family's throat, it may have to wait and be spread out over time. the way love should be.