Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Feel Pretty

I am not a painted nails kind of girl, but how could I object when Mayumi wanted some primping time with her AuntieM?

Pretty Sunday dress, floral headband and pink fingers and toes... my little wild thing was all of a sudden a girly-girl! I guess it's been a week of glamorous transformation.

Melts my heart. Thanks AuntieM!
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Kim said...

Oh my, this is so adorable. I just painted my girls toes for the first time last week too. Bright pink! Seeing chubby baby toes with pink polish on them is ridiculously, utterly adorable.

Your little one is beautiful!

Pomegranategrl said...

SO CUTE! She looks awesome! Love that shot of her smooshing her face...wall art for sure!

Kendra said...

love the painted little piggies! the second to last photo is too adorable!