Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mmmmmm.... Chocolate!

My friend, Nancy, maintains a gorgeous blog about gourmet dark chocolate and throughout our friendship I have learned bits and pieces about the wonders of that little bean. Since we were in this neck of the woods, we had to make a stop in at the Amano Chocolate Factory Store.

Though this designer (DELICIOUS) chocolate was a bit beyond our normal price range I was inspired by Nancy to host a little homegrown chocolate tasting of our own.

By the time we actually had time to have a tasting, Uncle Chris and all the daddies weren't around. Sorry guys! But the sisters (and the kiddos!) didn't want to miss our chance at some dark chocolate decadence.

I unwrapped and broke off pieces of five different bars and divided them into five bowls so that it could be a bit more anonymous. The girls could hardly wait...

In a chocolate tasting you want to use all five senses. First you examine the piece and observe the texture and appearance. Then you break it and listen to the snap. Next, inhale that chocolatey aroma and note what other smells it reminds you of. Let it melt for a second between your fingers and feel the texture.

Then comes time to actually taste it. Put it in your mouth and let in melt on your tongue, noting any notes or flavors it brings to mind. Sometimes it help to take notes.

We could never claim to be foodies (though we LOVE eating) - our chocolate experience has mostly been limited to M&Ms and Kit Kats. So I admit there were a few exclamations of "This smells like armpit" and "Oh, this is DISGUSTING!" We're working on refining our palates...

The consensus?
MamaQ: I adore the Amano Madagascar chocolate. Deep, complex, and fruity. Way more sophisticated than milk chocolate any day - and it better be at $8 a bar!
MamaM: My preference is for the cheap stuff - lots of sugar and cream for me, please!
MamaD: I think I need to work on my sense of taste...

Oh, brother!
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eileen said...

haha. I would probably side with MamaM.

looks like you had a fabulous time together. i LOVE sisters :)

Janie said...

Dark chocolate anything is my fave - oooh especially lindt.mmmm... But I gotta say I heart the cheapies too. I love those kitkat chunkys right out of the freezer.
Your description of the tasting nearly sent me off waking my babes to run to the shop and buy some! :)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

my girls love the light dark chocolates. Very dark can be a bit overwhelming.

that said I hate the feel of melted chocolate on my fingers and mouth! gah! I put all chocolate I am going to eat in the FREEZER! first to cool it down. Melted chocolate from the car or purse in summer - ICK! your description of how to taste test chocolate had me squeemish! lol lol