Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kids write the darndest things

Growing up, our wabisabi mom would whisk us four children away to Japan for a month or two during many of our summer vacations. There we would stay with our grandparents in my mother's childhood home in the foothills of the Yahiko mountains. Two months was a long time to be away from home, especially away from our father, who was able to join us for only a week or two during our stay.

Since this was before the days of email and Skype, we wrote Dad letters, many of which he has kept and recently begun archiving. We kids have had a good laugh reading over these gems. What makes these letters so funny is that none of my siblings or I are very sentimental or mushy, yet these letters show quite the opposite!

I'm including a few of them below (with their original spelling and grammar) as a reminder to you to hang onto some of the pieces of art your kids create. You and they will enjoy looking at them years later.

July 26, 1986

Dear dad I like japan.  We have a cat.  We had a fish but a diferent cat ate it.  And when me and Elaine go to school a dog walks with us.  Someone has fish in a pond out side.  And she has son that I play with.  The beach is nice.  And I got a paint set from school.  And I finished a book in two day at school.  I got a lot of friends. I will miss you.

Love Chris [age 7]

July 11, 1989

Dear dad,

            How are you?  I’m bad.  School is bad, and Elaine and Chris are worse then they are at home!  Elaine, she was the worst!  She hid my coloring books, and Elaine and Chris hid on me and they hid up-stairs and I couldn’t find them, and when I went up to find them they went down.  And their not even suppose to be up there.  It’s fun at home but Elaine and Chris they drive me crazie.

            You are asking all these questions and I’m gona ansew them.  You asked how we were doing, I’m O.K.  And how’s school?  You asked, it’s Yuk!  You asked if we remember any friends, I sure don’t.  You asked if we went swimming evry day, well we haven’t we’v been at school all day.  You asked if we were learning any Japaness, well I’v learned a little.  You asked of O-jichan and O-bachan are spoiling us, well a little.  You asked if we are eating to much candy and we only at a little candy.  You asked if we played with the dog, well I sure do.  You asked if eating with o-hashie hard, it’s only a little.  You asked if we have favirate japaness cartoons on T.V. I don’t.  You asked us if we were giving mom a hard time only Elaine and Chris.  You asked if mom was eating to much she only eat’s a lot of clams.

I know this letter is late but happy birthday hope all your wishes come true

Emily [Age 7]

August 7, 1989

Dear Daddy,

I miss you very much.  I’m glad that you came to Japan.  I hope you won’t be to lonely in America.  I bought a fake lipstick and when you take the lipstick off, it’s a pen.  And I got a new, pretty necklace.  I’m having a good time here.  Love, Anne [age 5]
P.S. Elaine wrote this.
P.P.S. My tooth fell out! (Annie’s 1st tooth!)

Dear Daddy,
            I miss you so so so so soooo much!  I had a dream that last night you came and you were sleeping in Mommy’s bed but when I woke up, you weren’t there!  Chris is being a real idiot!  I try to be nice, and I am!  (But he’s still mean to me (and Elaine, Anne, & Ma)).  It’s nice here, how’s it in the U.S. of A.  We all have special jobs, and I clean up the kitchen and the hallway around the toilet.  Chris does the praying room.  At least he’s suppose too.  Mommy usually ends up doing it.  Annie sweeps where the shoes are and lines them up.  Elaine does the T.V. room and the playroom.  I’m making a picture book.  I have to go know.  I love you.  xoxo Love, Your dying to see you daughter, Emily  ♥ [age 7]

Dear Oto-san, Daddy      
I ♥ U     
Missin’ ya             
I love you Daddy!

            How’s life?  I miss you sooo much!  Chris is kinda hyper.  He’s been that way ever since you left.  Mom’s kinda upset because I get mad when Chris is being a jerk.  I’m trying to be good and I mostly ignore him (or try to) and play with the girls.  Then Chris get’s upset because he has nothing to do and teases us, which is soooooo aggravating.  Last night there was a typhoon!  Today, we went to the beach to see the waves.  Pretty big, but I have seen bigger.  Us girls are pretty much getting along, a few arguments here and there but what can I say?  Nobody’s perfect.
            I’m helping out a lot.  I sweep every day and do the dishes.  (Almost everyday)  Oba-chan thinks Yoko’s kids are good and helpful.  We’re trying to show her we’re just as good and helpful, if not better.  Chris wants to show he’s more helpful, but I don’t know about being good.  I miss you.  Gotta go, Dad!  Bye!  Love, Elaine [age 12]


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These are fantastic!

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Makes me miss the days of hand written letters and "snail mail".

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So funny! Thanks for sharing!