Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thank You for Your Support!

By MamaQ

Dear friends and readers, we are so grateful for your readership.  Since we started this little project a few months ago we've gotten some supportive feedback and have been pleasantly surprised by the positive response.  Now that we've started to gain momentum we are really getting excited about having a public space where we share our thoughts and ideas with each other and with you.  We'd love to expand our readership and get even more feedback from you. 

Our humble request is that you frequently leave comments on posts that move you in some way - we truly want to hear your thoughts and ideas as well!  And, if you are so inclined, sign up to be a "follower" (see the sidebar) and link to our blog from your own.  We would be so appreciative of these gestures.

We're already so grateful to you for taking time to visit us here and care about what we have to say.  We hope you've found something here to make you smile.  xoxoxo!


ginger said...

yeah, sorry...i've wanted to leave more comments, but keep not getting it done...

Marie Kemling said...

As a mother of a five month old baby boy, I enjoy reading all your experiences of being a mother, learning about the Japanese culture, and trying new recipes.. Keep up the wonderful writing!!